Pro Sports Management

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​Sport - Winter Mixed Adult Dodgeball
Divisions - Competitive, Intermediate, Recreational (limited to 32 teams)

Recreational Division Eligibility - Some competitive players are not permitted to play in the recreational division.  Any team with a competitive player must have the person approved for their roster.  Recreational teams may carry up to four intermediate players but no more than two males.  Recreational is for new teams and recreational style players.

Intermediate Division Eligibility - These teams may carry up to four competitive players but no more than two males.  Competitive players must be approved for the roster by PSM.

Competitive Division Eligibility - open to all players.
Age - 19 years and older (no high school students)
Dates - February 18 start (Fun day on Feb 11) to April 21
Game Days - Sunday 3-9pm
Location - Chippewa and /or West Ferris Schools
Team Fee - $615 plus HST
​Deposit to secure your team - $100
Free Agent Fee - $85 includes HST and jersey

We will have a team for all free agents wishing to join!!
For more information - 705-499-1515